We are a technology services and support company. We offer home and small business consulting, managed and professional IT services for computers, servers, networks, peripherals and more. From networking and application support to desktop/server management, monitoring and maintenance, we provide IT solutions customized to our clients' needs. For some, we provide specific services, such as managed remote data back-up or monthly computer maintenance; for others, we provide fully outsourced managed IT services. By outsourcing their IT to us, our clients enjoy consistent, world-class service, performance and security.

Fun Fact: Tecreli, pronounced Tech-Rely, comes from the two words TEC-hnology and RELI-ability.


Partner and member of the Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.






Member of the Greater Irving - Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.



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5 out of every 6 internet pages are porn related. Significantly minimize your risk with our partnered managed content filtering offering.

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